20.) Maternity pants!

They may be funny looking, but ahhhh the comfort!  Why is it unacceptable to wear these little pieces of heaven all the time?!  I guess the full panel type might be a little bit of overkill, being as though I'm only 10wks pregnant, but the elastic waistband is surely something that I could get used to. 

Only problem: The selections are awful!  At least, around here anyway.  Take Old Navy for example.  Their "maternity department" consists of random ugly shirts all mixed up on a rack way in the back corner of the children's section, plus 2 colors of corduroys stocked only in sizes 2 and 6, and a hodgepodge assortment of jeans, including some that appear cute at first glance but then turn out to be skinny jeans once you pull them out of the single over-crowded rack they are all jammed onto (and as far as I'm concerned, maternity skinny jeans = no thank you!).

I will take myself to Motherhood Maternity as soon as I can justify it.  For now, two pairs of jeans to throw into the rotation when the bloat gets bad will be sufficient.

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